Women's Supportive Back Brace - Lower Back Support

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IMPROVES POSTURE - The Stability Pro posture brace improves your posture while standing, sitting and walking. It also provides long-lasting and noticeable relief of neck, back and should pain due to a disc hernia, sciatica, lumbar muscle strain, humpback or postpartum recovery.

IMPROVES BALANCE- This back support brace will alleviate overall body fatigue by realigning the balance of muscles in your shoulders, back, waist and abdomen. Keeping the natural lines of the body tall and straight and easing muscle fatigue caused by bad posture.

BAD HABITS BECOME GOOD HABITS- Bad posture can contribute to slouching, stooped shoulders and overall poor spinal and hip alignment. The Stability Pro posture corrector and support brace changes your walking and sitting poor posture into good posture, protecting your spine, maintaining normal physiological curve and relieving strain on your neck, shoulder, and lower back muscles.

COMFORTABLE & DURABLE- This posture support back brace has a wide and comfortable lumbar support belt to train and strengthen the waist. Designed from materials which are flexible, lightweight and breathable, you can feel comfortable wearing it every day. The breathable polyester, mesh fabric feels light and absorbs perspiration.

Size Chart
Size Waist Circumference
S 21" to 23"
M 23" to 26"
L 26" to 28"
XL 27" to 30"
XXL 29" to 31"
3XL 32" to 36"