Polarized 5 Lens Myopia Frame Cycling Glasses

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Block out the glare when you GO Outside with Ready Gears Polarized 5 Lens Myopia Frame Cycling Glasses!

You will love wearing these stylish Polarized 5 Lens Myopia Frame Cycling Glasses because you can customize them to fit your style perfectly. You can choose between 5 lenses of different shades and colors to create a fun look. They feature a transparent frame that is so lightweight that you’ll hardly notice them. Non-slip nose pads will keep them on your face, eliminating the distraction of having to readjust them.

Their polarized lenses are made, using an injection process that ensures optical correctness, decreasing eye fatigue while increasing your comfort. The lenses offer UV-400 protection against harmful rays.


  • 1 glasses case with cleaning cloth
  • 1 glasses bag, 1 glasses rope and 1 group of sunglasses
  • 1 polarized lens test card
  • 1 pair of polarized lenses with 4 pairs of interchangeable original lenses
  • 1 inner frame for shortsighted lenses