16 in 1 Bicycle Tools Sets Mountain Bike Multi Repair Tool Kit

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Ready Gears 16 in 1 Multi Repair Tool Kit used for Bikes, Camping, and Survival!

Why would it be COOL to own our Multi Repair Tool Kit?
  • SMALL and COMPACT being smaller than your phone so you can fit it anywhere
  • DURABLE because it's made from stainless steel
  • It can be used for MANY small fixes on your camping or biking trip
  • EXTRA SAFE with the compact size of it and it all folds together
  • You can use it virtually ANYWHERE you may be stuck or need tools
  • EASY ACCESS compared to a big tool box, you have one right in your pocket
  • LIGHTWEIGHT so you won't pull any muscles or hurt yourself
  • It'll make YOU look cool when you have a whole tool set in the back of your pocket
  • 16 in 1 Multi-Function Bicycle repair tool kit
  • High Quality, Durable and fully functional
  • Cr-Mo Metallic tools
  • 6 Hex 2. 2.5.3. 4. 5. 6 mm
  • 3 Flat Wrenches:8.10.15 mm
  • 3 Box Wrenches:8.9.10 mm
  • +/- driver, T-25