All-In-One Bicycle Repair Kit

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So you’re riding on your bike, having the best time, feeling all of those happiness chemicals doing wonders in your brain…and suddenly, you have a flat tire or broken chain. What will you do?

Call a friend? Walk your way back? What if you’re far?

If you want to be self-reliant and handle any emergency situation with ease, then this All-In-One Bicycle Repair Kit is a must have!

Say goodbye to flat tires: the most common problem cyclists face is a flat tire. This toolkit will help you repair your flat tire in no time so you can get back on your bike. This toolkit has:

Tire Levers: to pry your tire off your wheel rim. This is very crucial as some tires are fitted very tightly on the rim.
Super Adhesive Patch Kit: you can use them to patch the punctures on your tube.
Powerful Mini Pump: use this to inflate your tires. Works for both Presta and Schrader valves. A gas needle is also included!

Wait…that’s not all!

You can also use this kit to repair your bike or make adjustments. The 11 In 1 tool will help you repair your bike during any emergency.

Ride with peace of mind! Get your hands on this All-In-One Bicycle Multi Tool Kit today!

  • Weight: about 1 lb.
  • Tools: Portable Pump; 11 in 1 Multi-tool; Tire Patch Kit.
  • The Bag Is Included!
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