Fitbit Charge 2 Screen Protector

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You probably already have a screen protector for your smart phone, why not get one for your smart watch too?

The ultra thin tempered glass screen protector is suitable for anyone that wants protection against scratches caused from day to day wear and tear. It's 3x harder than the standard screen and can withstand scratches from hard objects such as coins, keys and even knives.

The back of the glass is coated with a strong silicone later which makes affixing it to your Fitbit Charge 2 extremely quick and easy without affecting the sensitivity of the screen.

The glass also features an oleophobic coating which prevents finger prints from making marks on the screen and means it can be cleaned easily.

You'll receive 2 x screen protectors.


  •        Ultra thin design
  •        Tempered glass, 3x stronger than standard screen 
  •        Protects your Fitbit from day to day scratches
  •        Easy to fit, does not affect screen sensitivity
  •        Prevents marks from finger prints and dirt
  •        Includes 2 x screen protectors


  •        Fitbit not included