Patella Gasket Brace

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Love sports and outdoor activities but suffering from knee pain? Protect your knee and give it the support it needs with a Patella Gasket Brace. This brace is worn under your patella, also known as your kneecap. It protects your knee from injuries and provides instant relief from tendon and muscle ache. With this brace, you can function better and do the things you love without worrying about knee pain.

Features and Benefits:

  • Multipurpose. This knee protector can be used in various sports and outdoor activities including basketball, volleyball, cycling, football, tennis, running, trekking, and climbing.
  • Protect your knees. It protects your knee and gives it enough break from stress. The brace will absorb the shock from any physical activity and reduce the pain associated with patellar tendonitis, jumper’s knee, runner’s knee, and chondromalacia.
  • Made from breathable materials. This knee protector is made of soft nylon strap and silicone gasket for comfortable wear and perfect support. It’s lightweight and has smooth edges that don’t irritate the skin, making it an ultra-comfortable all-day wear. 
  • Absorb sweat and keep your knee cool. The Patella Gasket Brace can be dipped in cold water or placed in the fridge so it’ll keep your knee cool even under rigorous workout. Plus it absorbs sweat to ensure that compression is uniform throughout and it always stays in place for any physical activity.
  • Adjustable length and tightness. This brace has Velcro straps to easily fit all kneecap sizes. Can easily be tightened or loosened to fit snugly under your kneecap.
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