Sciatica Brace Sacroiliac Hip Belt

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  • UNISEX MEDICAL GRADE HIP COMPRESSION SI BELT  Get sciatica nerve pain relief & Help correct the SI joint! This lower hip brace helps normalize & maintain posture, decrease nerve pain discomfort, and increases strength! Get the back pain relief you need today.
  • Our Sciatica Brace is the best for fast and effective sciatic back pain relief.
  • The Brace helps relieve tension up to the sciatic nerve and hips. It helps ease discomfort in your lower back, buttocks, pelvis, and legs. Just slip it on and tighten the strap, and feel the pain diminish.
  • RELIEVES SI JOINT PAIN & LESSENS INFLAMMATION – The Everyday Medical SI joint belt is a pelvic support brace that can help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and restore function mobility caused by SI joint dysfunction. This simple, yet effective medical grade belt is designed to stabilize the pelvis and prevent excessive movement of the SI joint.
  • DUAL ADJUSTMENT & UNRIVALED COMFORT – Designed to be worn comfortably day and night. Unique comfort curved back of belt gives your body the added flexibility and comfort to be worn at all times. The wraparound dual belt offers full control over the compression and features secondary straps which allow you to personalize the additional compression desired over specific areas. 
  • NON-SLIP BACK CURVED S-I SUPPORT BELT – Our sciatica belt boasts an inspired design detail; featuring 2 rubberized straps that comfortably hold the brace in place against the body and effectively minimize the braces movements, preventing it from sliding up and down while you walk, sit, stand or do other physical activities.
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